Hydrospeed Extreme

Hydrospeed Extreme

: 7 km
: High
: 1 h and 15' in the r
+18 years old
14-17 year old
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Only one adjective to describe this descent:


This powerful descent is limited to experts who have already practiced this sport and want to grapple with the most challenging stretches of the river Noce.

A good physical condition is required as well as an excellent aquatic ability. Descent reserved for experts or those who have already done hydrospeed several times.

It will be an unforgettable experience ... and in order to share the memory with your friends and family, the Rafting Center Trentino Wild in Dimaro e Caldes, will give souvenir photos of your adventure at the end of the activity!

Don't worry about the weather forecast!

Hydrospeed is guaranteed even in bad weather: with rain or sun, the result will always be the same ... go-go water! The fresh waters of the Noce river will guarantee you a wave of fun!

Action Cam Renting

It is also possible to rent a DJI Action Cam for free to film your experience directly in action.

You just have to leave a document and buy the SD card at our offices which will then remain your property. The rental of the action cam is valid only after purchasing the SD card.

Val di Sole Rafting Center Trentino Wild in Dimaro and Caldes has more than 38 years of experience in the organisation of outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino. Safety is always our prime concern. You can trust us, because we're the real professional specialists in outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino.

How does Hydrospeed activity on the Noce river works?

  • meeting in reception at the time established during the booking, for registration and payments
  • delivery of technical equipment, changing rooms for dressing
  • transfer to the boarding point with Trentino Wild’s vans
  • presentation of guides and theoretical - practical lesson on river safety and behavior
  • all ready into the wild water and ... beginning of the adventure!
  • at the landing point, return by bus of Trentino Wild
  • delivery of equipment, shower and accommodation


  • T-shirt or microfleece to be worn under the wetsuit;
  • swimming costume or swimsuit to be worn under the wetsuit;
  • Towel / bathrobe, slippers and a shampoo if you want to have a hot shower after each activity


  • Certified life jacket;
  • Double piece wetsuit 5mm;
  • Homologated helmet;
  • hydrospeed and flipper;


Wet-suits, water jackets and helmets are washed at each use with a specific disinfectant solution

Recommended period: from May to September

Suitable for:> 18 year

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