Canoe Rio Novella Gorges

Canoe Rio Novella Gorges

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: 3,30 h
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3 hours canoe trip through the wild and fascinating gorges of Rio Novella. Canoe on the lake an incredible family adventure.

The Novella River Park is a 3.5 km route which runs through the settlements of Cloz, Dambel and Romallo in the Non Valley, crossing woodland and breathtaking canyons. The principal role is played by the waterway - vital for both nature and man.

We would urge you to experience this remarkable canoe trip on the lake. You'll be accompanied on this adventure by an English-speaking specialist instructor, who'll show you the spectacular Novella gorges formed by the flowing waters in the course of thousands of years.

After a very quick introductory lesson and the distribution of the technical materials, you'll set off on the journey through the Novella fjords.

This is an incredible but totally safe experience, in a tiny corner of paradise that few people know about but which is truly impressive. The trip is particularly suitable for couples and families, even those with youngsters (aged over 5).

The Santa Giustina lake is an artificial lake built between 1943 and 1951, which means that it fluctuates considerably throughout the year. Depending on these fluctuations, it is possible to see one, two or three canyons carved by the Rio Novella. The round trip to see the first canyon is 6 km, for the second 8 km and for the third 9 km. Bear in mind that you need to be able to paddle for two or three hours, even if it is a slow one.

How canoe in Rio novella gorges works?

  • The activity requires reservation
  • Meeting point:depending on what you selected during the booking process: if you selected plus transport the meeting point is Dimaro, Via Gole 412 at 9.00 am for the morning shift or 2.00 pm for the afternoon shift. If you did not select transport at the time of booking, the meeting point is Cles, Piazza Fiera car park at 9.30 a.m. for the morning shift or 2.30 p.m. for the afternoon shift.
  • move to the boarding point, 10 minutes of walk through the woods, before arriving at a beach where the guides will give a brief explanation of canoe safety.
  • you board the motor boats with which you will reach the canoe way.
  • ready for the adventures: while enjoying an astonishing view, you will be introduced by the guides to the lake environment: Paradise will be in front of you! An unexplored gorge, formed over thousands of years by the flow of the torrent, will be imposing and silent before your eyes! !
  • After exploring the impressive canyon, you will return to the motor boats where you will be accompanied to the beach for a taste of local products
  • to the starting beach and again through the woods of the valley we will return to our respective vehicles, passing the fascinating Castle of Cles.
  • you will arrive at our bus that will take you back to your cars or to Dimaro at our centre

What to bring for canoeing in the Rio Novella Gorges

  • Swimsuit
  • clothing depending the season that can be slightly wet
  • sneakers to be wet or slippers
  • a snack and something to drink in a small backpack

Equipment supplied for canoeing in Rio Novella Gorges

  • single or double sit on top canoe (children under 12 stay in the middle with parents)
  • life jacket
  • helmet
  • paddle


Recommended period: from May to September

Suitable for: people over 5 years old (kids always accompanied by an adult)

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