Mini-golf val di sole

Minigolf Val di Sole

Put your thoughts in the hole with a blow

  • the first minigolf in Val di Sole that looks like a real miniature golf!
  • activities for everyone without limitations
  • 12 holes await you for carefree moments in a sparkling center of joy

You have never played in a mini-golf like this!

A real miniature golf course: no cement or colored platform ... but lots of greenery and gardens, in the frame of our Trentino Dolomites. Guaranteed fun suitable for everyone aged 5 and up. Discounted rates are available for those staying at Camping Dolomiti or at hotels affiliated with Trentino Wild.

Mini golf is a game that is registered with the Federation Golf. Is said that Golf is one of the most difficult sports in the world, perfect coordination between body and mind.

The minigolf at Trentino Wild village looks like the game of golf, it is not a course with platforms, but it is the first course in Val di Sole with this special type of hole. A unique and very fun experience that you can enjoy during the day and also in the evening, when the field will be illuminated.

A perfect game to play between friends and families, in a unique setting, inside Camping Dolomiti where, in addition to mini-golf, you can relax in the relaxation area while your children play and have fun.

Mini Golf is a game fun that we suggest you integrate after rafting or one of the many activities that you can do with Trentino Wild: a different way to stay together and have fun.

Thanks to modern construction techniques and the products used, our mini-golf dries quickly, so even after heavy rain in no time you will find the courses ready for a new game!

How does the Mini-golf activity take place?

  • You are at the Dimaro office; you do not need to book for the game during the day, instead reservations are required for hours in the evening.
  • After filling out the form in the office, the staff members will provide the club and ball and explain the rules of the game.  
  • Parents can play with their children or follow them from outside the field in the relaxation area with tables and good music.
  • Very nice activity to do even with friends.



  • suitable clothing for the season
  • sneakers


  • bat;
  • ball;
  • blackboard counts scores;

All the technical equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each use with special disinfectant products


Period: from April to September

Age: from 6 years upwards

Difficulty: medium - easy

Duration: about 1.30 for 12 holes

Maximum time: 2h

Price: 8€ adult, 6€ for kids under 9 years

Evening games: + 1€ per person


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