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Paintball is a new and adrenaline-filled sport that is played with markers that use compressed air to shoot gelatin capsules filled with biodegradable and non-toxic colored paint. These capsules break on impact marking the opponent and eliminating him/her either for a pre-set time or until the start of the next match depending on the match mode

A battle of colors!

Top fun in the first two paintball courts in Trentino! in Croviana and Caldes

For simulated war games with paint, from 6 to 20 participants per field

  • to have fun with the sound of color, in the first authorized paintball courts in Trentino
  • Illuminated field at the Center of Croviana to play paintball at night
  • Over 40 years of experience in the world of outdoor activities
  • Quality of materials and professionalism of the staff
  • certified company on the quality of services
  • The first and largest outdoor center in Italy
  • for fun and adrenaline !!


Paintball is ideal for spending time in the company of friends, perhaps during your stag party or a hen party or your own birthday party. In fact, paintball is played as a group with a minimum of 8 persons and a maximum of 20. No special physical skills are needed, but only a great desire for fun and cheerfulness. In fact, the whole experience will be topped off with lots of colors.

Paintball is a very safe sport. In fact, this sport is played with the total exclusion of physical contact between the players and with the aid of protections which, if worn correctly, virtually annul the possibility of an injury. The Centre provides the participants with the following individual protective devices consisting of a mask, smock/waistcoat, gloves and a neck band.

The clothes that the participants must wear to play a paintball match consist of a pair of lightweight gym or trekking shoes, a long-sleeved shirt and trousers. The clothes become completely dirty, therefore, we strongly advise having a complete change of clothing. The paint disappears with a simple wash.

There are many variations of the paintball game, where the objectives, strategies and techniques are left to the imagination of the players and the ground conditions. Here are some examples:

Capture the Flag: Two teams compete for a single flag positioned at the centre of the field. In order to win each team must capture the flag and take the flag back to their base. If a player is hit holding the flag then the flag is dropped in the point where the player was hit. The flag cannot be thrown.
Every man for himself: Two teams compete in the field with the objective of completely eliminating the opposing team. Every time a player is hit and marked by a paintball that player must be considered to be eliminated and must leave the field until the start of the next match.
Leader's escort: Each team elects a leader from among its members who remains unidentified for the opponents. The purpose of the game is to escort the leader to the opposite position of the field without the leader being hit. If a player is hit and marked then that player is eliminated and must leave the playing field, if the leader is hit then the whole team is eliminated.
Speedball: Two teams start from an initial position. The objective is to reach the opposing position in the shortest time possible. If a player is marked then that player is eliminated from the game and will only return on the field at the start of the next match.
One against all: the ideal game for stag parties or hen parties or birthday parties. In essence, the game consists of one against all where the lucky “chosen person” must succeed in eliminating all the opponents in a pre-set time. The chosen person is immune from being hit and is therefore not subject to elimination, whereas all the others are eliminated once they have been marked.

What are you waiting for? Try the first Paintball field in Trentino, in Croviana and Caldes! Completely renewed, in an area designed specifically for this magnificent sport where you can enjoy the comfortable changing rooms, a bar available to enjoy the post-match moments, a completely dedicated grill area and plenty of congeniality.

Beware of imitations: 40 years of activity in the outdoor sector and our professionalism are your guarantee.

NB: The color of balls is ecologic and washable

Pura Vida.

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Activity types

Paintball for kids

Top entertainment in the first two Paintball fields in Trentino, also for kids!

  • 1 hour of game, 200 paint-balls
  • Ideal for families, groups and schools: ages 7 and up!
: Easy and fun
: 1 h
from 25.00€ Prices from

Extreme Paintball

The paintball game from 14 years old

  • 1 hour of play, 200 paintballs or 2 hours of play, 400 paintballs
  • from 6 people to a maximum of 45
: 1 h
25.00€ Adult

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