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Rafting is an exciting activity for everybody which doesn’t require any past experience before hitting the rapids of the river Noce.

From May to September, when the river is at its highest level, the Noce remains one of the most popular destinations for rafting in Europe.

Before descending the river in rafts of six people, all the commands are explained in a theory lesson by each rafting guide. Everyone lends a hand in the running of the rapids by using their paddle at the request of the guide.

The various trips available allow participants to undertake a gradual and safe approach to this activity. After the first few kilometers of lively water and beautiful scenery, the first true rapids begin.

Our rafting activity is organized in Noce river, in “Sun Valley” in Trentino; our river is recognized by National Geographic as the first river in Europe and the 9th river in the world for rafting activities! It is before Zambesi too… !! Check it out.

Trentino Wild and the river’s Pirates

A river of emotions on the sparkling waters of the Noce river!

The incredible experience of rafting down a wild torrent in total safety.

  • Noce: the best river in Italy for rafting
  • more than 25 km of the river is navigable
  • more than 40 years' experience in river sports
  • River rescue School certified by “Rescue Project”
  • quality materials and professional instructors
  • photos and movies to buy at the end of activity! 
  • certified company on quality and safety
  • The first and biggest Outdoor Company in Italy

The duration of each trip can vary depending on the water level, the crew itself, the weather conditions and other factors.

What to bring

Guests need to bring a swimming costume, shoes that can get wet, a long or short sleeved shirt to wear under the wet suit and a towel for the hot shower at the end of the trip.


The Center is affiliated with the Italian Rafting Federation and officially recognized as a rafting and river rescue school, in which only professional river guides work. Our guides have passed difficult examinations, comprising guiding, water rescue and first aid and must be highly knowledgeable in the river where they work.

Where we are 

Rafting Center Trentino Wild Val di Sole is located in Dimaro and Caldes, only 2 hours away from Garda Lake, at the feet of the magnificent Brenta Dolomites Get the chance to try an exciting outdoor adventure sport and to visit the beautiful Dolomites, listed in the Unesco World Beauties

Address and map

Video of your adventure

During the activity the highlights of your adventure will be faithfully captured by our action cameras! And to make the experience truly unforgettable, our reception will be ready to process the video, memory that you can share with friends and family! .

At the end of the activity you can decide to buy the video editing ... so you can relive the emotions of this amazing adventure!


How the activity is carried out

Rafting activity requires advance booking. Once booked (how to book), the meeting is at our offices (depending on the location where you will carry out activities) at the scheduled time to register for the activity and pay.

Then you will be accompanied to the changing rooms where you will be given all the equipment (wet-suit, water jacket, life jacket and helmet).

The Guides will carry out a short theoretical lesson on safety and will explain how to participate in the rafting activity (the various types of paddling, the commands, how to swim, etc.).

At the scheduled time, you will be carried with our vans at the boarding point where you will meet your rafting guide, with whom you will carry out dry tests out of the water before leaving.

From here the real rafting adventure begins! After riding the impetuous waves of the Noce river on the rafts of the Rafting Center Trentino Wild Val di Sole in Dimaro and Caldes, our van will be waiting for you at the landing, which will take you back to the base where you can access the changing rooms, change and take a hot shower.


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Activity types

Rafting Family
rafting for children and families!

The classic route of the Noce, a rafting trip for families with children.

  • From 6 years old - for kids from 6 to 13 special price € 35 each
  • possibility to purchase photographs and videos at the end of the activity
  • Perfect for all people! 
: 8 km
: easy, for adults and children
: 2 hours in total
from 35.00€ Prices from

Rafting Power
adrenalin experience

Power Rafting: adrenaline in fullness!

  • ideal for stag and hen parties
  • races between teams, taken by surprise along the route, dives into the rapids
  • opportunity to buy photos and videos of your adventure at the end of activity!
: 15 kms
: medium
: 2 hours 30 minutes t
65.00€ Adult

Rafting Extra
the classic of the Noce river

The classic rafting descent on the Noce river. 

  • ages 12 and up!
: 15 km
: medium
: 2h 30 min. total
55.00€ Adult

Rafting Marathon
a long rafting adventure

The sum of the descent FAMILY and EXTRA in one day

  • the best rapids
  • a marathon of emotion and adrenaline suitable for sports fanatics only
  • opportunity to buy photos and videos of your adventure!
: 25 km
: medium for adults only
: 3h 30 mins
80.00€ Adult

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