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Free yourself from the smog of the city. A new dimension, where what counts is the height of the rock face, the emptiness, the deep blue sky and the magnificence of the Dolomites.

Rocks and Balance.

Climbing in Trentino: try the emotion of the vertical!

  • Suitable for all
  • Accompanied by a mountain guide
  • With views of the Brenta Dolomites
  • Free photographic service and Action Cam DJI for rent
  • More than 1,000 positive reviews

Discover what means walking along the ridge of a mountain and seeing the horizon meld into the far distance.

Reaching the peak using only the force of your own arms and legs is priceless.

We guarantee maximum safety: you’ll be accompanied by one of our expert guides and the equipment will be supplied by our Center.

You can decide the package for climbing activity in Trentino, with Trentino Wild Rafting Center & Outdoor! 

  • Single excursion: the first approach to the climbing world. You’ll spend 3 hours with a mountain guide learning to climb your first wall.
    You will be surprised to see that you get it. 
  • Climbing courses: 12 hours of full immersion in the high! At the end of this course you will be able to manage your first climb.
    A formative experience to enjoy with friends, colleagues or business associates. 
  • Multipitch climbing wall: A well-known climb on the wall of Castelleto Inferiore, via Kiene with access to the Tuckett mountain refuge. 3°/4° of difficulty with a final 5° version, this is suitable for people with previous climbing experience.
    A thorough physical preparation is required.

Action camera rent

It is also possible to rent a DJI Action Cam for free to film your experience directly in action.

You just have to leave a document and buy the SD card at our offices which will then remain your property. The rental of the action cam is valid only after purchasing the SD card.


How does climbing activity works?

  • meeting in reception at the time established during the booking, for registration and payments
  • delivery of technical equipment, changing rooms for dressing
  • transfer to the starting point with Trentino Wild vans
  • ...beginning of the adventure!


  • comfortable clothing, in line with the season;
  • trekking boots with vibram sole or sneakers with a good sole;
  • backpack (in which to put a shirt and a spare shirt, a kway, etc.);
  • water bottle;
attrezzatura arrampicata


All technical material:
  • harness
  • helmet

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