Canoe and Kayak on the Noce River

Are you ready to sail a canoe along the rivers of the Val di Sole, discovering breathtaking panoramas, lush forests and striking gorges? Canoeing in the Val di Sole is a fun experience that allows you to explore the waters of the region's rivers while enjoying the surrounding natural beauty. During the activity, you will be provided with a canoe and you will be equipped with pads and life vests to ensure your safety in the water.
If you have no experience in a canoe or kayak but still want to tackle rapids, you can also try the Inflatable Canoes or the Packraft, which allow you to descend the river without special technical skills.

Lesson to be held in the pool and / or in the river, to learn eskimi with kayak instructors, an unmissable lesson for those who want to experience kayaking in a fun and safe way and work on the technical and psychological aspects of this important ma...
1 h
Canoe and kayak lovers ... there is nothing better than a single lesson with a teacher, to learn, improve and experience the river in a constructive way! 2-hour lesson, rich in content and experience!
2 h
Instructor-led canoeing lesson, to be conducted as a group. Are you a small group of enthusiastic canoeist friends and want to learn or deepen your technique in canoeing? Then you are at the right place! 2 hours of full immersion await you
2 h
Difficulty level
for everyone
Kayak course 10h
Learning while having fun
Have you always dreamed of trying out this fascinating and adrenaline-pumping discipline? With us you will have the opportunity to learn the techniques and improve your fundamentals!
10 h
Difficulty level
different dependig on partecipants
Suitable for
bachelorette party, bachelorette party
Canoeing in Val di Sole
Descend the river Noce between the rapids and the waves ... accompanied by our guide and canoe master you will sail the river walnut on inflatable kayaks. Top experience!
Suitable for
bachelorette party, bachelorette party
Canoeing for two
Descent of the rapids on a 2-seater kayak with highly qualified personnel. The master will sit behind to give direction and balance and for you ... a front row seat, with lots of adrenaline and emotions from the fresh waters of our river Noce!
Would you like to approach this new discipline? Would you like to do it in a fun and safe context? TrentinoWILD, the first packraft center in Trentino, offers you river excursions with the packraft, a particularly fun and exciting inflatable canoe! B...
2 hours
8 km
logo semplice TrentinoWild

White-water kayaking in Val di Sole, Trentino:
What you need to know before the experience

Descents in a tandem kayak, courses from basic to advanced level, descents in an inflatable canoe and tandem, with the assistance of a guide

Canoeing in Val di Sole, Trentino, offers a fun experience to explore the rivers of the region. The light, stable canoes are available for all skill levels. You can choose quiet or more adventurous routes, with instructors guaranteeing safety. Cruising along the rivers, one can admire breathtaking views and the local flora and fauna. Val di Sole also offers other outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. By following the instructions of the instructors and wearing the appropriate equipment, the canoeing experience in the Val di Sole will be an unforgettable adventure in nature.

  • T-shirt or microfleece to wear under the wetsuit;
  • swimming costume or swimsuit to be worn under the wetsuit;
  • Spare sneakers- shoes that get wet;
  • Towel / bathrobe, slippers and a shampoo if you want to have a hot shower after each activity

  • Canoe;
  • Certified life jacket;
  • Long Jhon wetsuit;
  • Homologated helmet;
  • Paddle

Be at least 16 years old and good swimming skills are required

Our Rafting Centre Val di Sole has over 40 years' experience in organising outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino Alto Adige. Our instructors are experienced and trained guides: safety is guaranteed for the duration of the kayaking activity.

The activity can also take place in case of rain.

From April to September.

Frequently Asked Questions - White-water kayaking

Val di Sole offers several options for canoeing, with rivers suited to all skill levels. You can choose between calmer routes, perfect for beginners or families, and more adventurous routes with rapids and currents for more experienced canoeists. Experienced instructors - just like those who will guide you from Trentino Wild - will be on hand to provide lessons and assistance, making sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

around 2 hours

Safety first!

ISO 9001
  • Certified equipment
  • Qualified and certified personnel for each professional sector
  • Training centre for Safety in the workplace D .Lgs 8108
  • Company certifications (ISO 9001:2015 )
  • Cardio-protected facilities
  • sanitization products and procedures in line with current directives

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