Mountain bikes, E-Bikes and bikes for kids

Bike rental for everyone in Val di Sole at the Trentino Wild Rafting Center & Outdoor!

  • Electric bikes and front or full amortized Mountain Bikes
  • Kid trailers and kid seat rental
  • New bike fleet every year, constantly checked
  • At the Bike Rent & Tour Trentino Wild Rafting Center & Outdoor

A huge bike fleet with many options is available for you.
Bikes suitable for everyone and for all needs and ages: tour around the beautiful Val di Sole, exploring the beauty of Trentino; ride our new and performing e-bikes. We also have front and full-suspension bikes, rent kid trailers or kid seats: enjoy family adventures with top-quality equipment!

Val di Sole offers a fantastic cycle path that starts at the town of Mostizzolo and goes up to Val di Pejo! On your way, there are many interesting shops and attractions... in the lowest part of the valley, you can rest at our PaintBAR in Croviana or continue to the beautiful Outdoor Center in Caldes, where you will find the Trentino Wild WildBAR, with the delicious and local Ciocomiti ice creams! 

Are you tired and don’t know how to return to the Bike rent in Dimaro? No problem, Val di Sole has the efficient „Train + bike“ service: just go to one of the many train stations of Val di Sole, hop on the train with your bike and you can easily return!

We are waiting for you!

How does the „Bike Rent“ service work?:

It’s very simple:

Book online your bike with a 5% discount

Bike reservations Dimaro Bike reservations Caldes

  • if you prefer, you call us to know what bikes are available, let us know heights and ages of your group and book your preferences.
  • When you arrive, the bikes will be ready and waiting for you!
  • If you are driving through Val di Sole looking for a place to rent your bikes, pass by our Centers in Dimaro or Caldes, our wide range of bike options is won’t regret it!

Mountain Bike rental prices

  2 hours  4 hours  1 day   2 days  3 days  4 days  5 days  6 days 
Baby  9€ 12€ 16€   28€ 40€  52€  64€  76€ 
Adult 12€ 17€  22€ 40€ 58€ 76€ 94€  112€ 
Enduro    40€ 55€ 95€ 135€ 175€ 215€ 255€

E-Bike rental prices

  Morning 8:00 - 12:30 Afternoon 14:00 - 18:30 1 day  additional days
E-Bike 30€ 35€ 45€ 35€


Kid seat Trailer Helmet
6€ 9€ 3€

Bike reservations Dimaro Bike reservations Caldes

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