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A river of adrenaline!

The unique emotion of swimming in the river among the sparkling waves of Noce River

  • Noce: the best Italian river for water sports
  • from 3 to 5 km routes
  • 40 years' experience in river sports
  • quality materials and professional instructors
  • Company certified on the quality of services
  • The first and largest outdoor center in Italy
  • 100% adrenaline and safety !!
  • Photos and videos to buy at the end of activity

Our center, which was started in 1982 on the exciting rapids of the river Noce, was the first in Trentino to introduce hydrospeed.

A brief lesson and a first short excursion on the river, accompanied by an expert guide, are enough to introduce you to this exciting and emotional sport. Depending on your ability you can progressively explore each stretch of the Noce, always under the watchful eye of one of our instructors.

The equipment is supplied by the rafting center. Hydrospeed is reserved for people over 16. It is necessary to bring a t-shirt, a swimming costume and a bathrobe. The navigable stretch ranges from 3 to 5 km and can vary depending on the river conditions and the participants’ skills.

To book an introductory lesson or a guided trip just phone our office a few days in advance.

Where are we

The Rafting Center Val di Sole Trentino wild is located in Dimaro, Caldes and Croviana, only 2 hours away from Lake Garda, at the feet of the magnificent Brenta Dolomites. Get the chance to try an exciting outdoor adventure sport and to visit the beautiful Dolomites, listed in the Unesco World Beauties.

Val di Sole Rafting Center Trentino Wild in Dimaro and Caldes has more than thirty seven years of experience in the organisation of outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino. Safety is always our prime concern. You can trust us, because we're the real professional specialists in outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino.

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Activity types

Hydrospeed Classic

For those who want to try out this new sport in total safety

  • 3 km - A baptism into hydrospeed
  • 100% safety and fun!
  • from 16 years old
: 3 kms
: medium, for adults first experience
: 45' in the river; 1
from 55.00€ Adult

Hydrospeed Extra

A high level of madness is compulsory!

  • From Terzolas to Torretta
  • 100% safety and fun… pure adrenaline!
  • from 16 years old
: 5,5 kms
: medium-high; for those who have already tried the
: 1'10 in the river
65.00€ Adult

Hydrospeed Extreme

Only one adjective to describe this descent: CRAZY!

  • Mandatory requirement: have already tried the experience of hydrospeed!
  • 7 km - from Terzolas to Pontestori
  • Adrenaline and pure fun!
: 7 km
: High
: 1 h and 15' in the r
70.00€ Adult

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