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Canyoning is an exciting sport and a mixed outdoor activity between water and climbing - a combination of different activities such as climbing, swimming, jumping from rocks, walking and sliding along streams in deep, narrow canyons - to discover the most secret places in the Val di Sole. It offers a new dimension of aquatics, where the natural environment is among the most elusive and hidden imaginable

Canyoning San Biagio
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The baptism of canyoning
Experiencing the mountain in its unexplored gorges has never been so exciting! Easy canyon outing in a surprising environment, with rope descents, slides and walking routes...the longest abseil under the waterfall... an emotion!
3 h and 30'
Difficulty level
Suitable for
bachelorette party, family, teenagers, teambuilding
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Canyoning in Val di Sole in Val di Sole, Trentino:
What you need to know before the experience

To explore canyons and gorges carved out over the centuries by nature and to be surprised by the magic feet and energy of the earth!

It is a mountain hiking activity that combines climbing and river sports. It consists of a descent on foot, inside natural gorges carved by Alpine rivers. Exploration of this environment involves the use of mountaineering techniques and, where possible, swimming short stretches, diving into pool
Specific equipment for this activity, typical of climbing (the use of ropes, harnesses, carabiners) will then be provided.
With the help of a mountain guide qualified to practise canyoning in Val di Sole everyone is allowed to approach this new and exciting sport. In safety, you can indulge in the strong sensations of this activity, facing real adrenalin and fun situations! s or letting oneself be carried away by the flow of the water in fun slides.

  • Swimming suit;
  • T-shirt, fleece shirt;
  • Trekking boots;
All these things will get wet during the canyoning activity, so it will be necessary to bring a change of clothes, slippers and a towel for the hot shower after the activity.

  • Wetsuit;
  • Certified helmet;
  • Special harness;
Wetsuits and helmets are washed and treated after use each time with disinfectant solution.

Suitable for ages 12 and up with good aquatics skills.
We need a minimum of 6 people to confirm the outing. If you are a couple or a smaller number, your booking will be aggregated with others so that we can guarantee the activity!

Trentino Wild Val di Sole has over 40 years' experience in organising outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino Alto Adige. Our instructors are experienced and trained guides: safety is guaranteed throughout the activity.

The activity is confirmed even if it rains!

You can rent a GoPro Action Cam for free to film your experience directly in action. All you have to do is leave an ID and buy the SD card at our offices, which will then remain your property. Rental of the Action Cam is only valid upon purchase of the SD card.

2 rounds at 9 a.m. or 2 p.m., May to September

Frequently Asked Questions - Canyoning in Val di Sole

  • The appointment is scheduled to take place at our office in Dimaro at the time specified in the booking. You will be given all the necessary equipment (wetsuit, helmet and harness) once you have checked in.
  • The Mountain Guides will give a short theoretical lesson on safety and explain how to participate in canyoning;
  • Our buses will then be used to travel to the start of the activity;
  • After a small trek on a dirt road surrounded by the nature of our mountains, you will begin your adventure in the magical atmosphere that is the gorge;
  • After exploring the impressive Canyon in Val di Sole,at the exit, our bus will be waiting for you and will take you back to the base where you can access the changing rooms, change and take a hot shower, still 'fresh' from an experience that will be unforgettable!

Prices start from 70 euro upwards, and vary depending on the season and the type of activity.

We recommend canyoning to children over the age of 12 with good water skills.

Around 3 hours.

It is important to participate in canyoning with expert guides or qualified instructors who know the territory well and are able to guarantee safety during the activity, just like the ones that will guide you from Trentino Wild.

Safety first!

ISO 9001
  • Certified equipment
  • Qualified and certified personnel for each professional sector
  • Training centre for Safety in the workplace D .Lgs 8108
  • Company certifications (ISO 9001:2015 )
  • Cardio-protected facilities
  • sanitization products and procedures in line with current directives

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