Unbelievable emotions in the sky of Trentino

Tandem paragliding offers a unique opportunity to experience free flight in tandem with a qualified pilot, without the need to acquire specific skills. It is a fascinating activity for those who wish to experience the adrenaline rush of flying while enjoying breathtaking views of Trentino from above!

  • Many years of experience, certified flight instructors;
  • You fly all year round, in summer and winter;
  • Flying over the Brenta Dolomites;
  • Free Photo Service and Action Cam Hire;

Paragliding Aquila del Brenta Pinzolo
Fly over Brenta Dolomites in a unique show! Tandem paragliding activities with expert instructors, possibility of flying over the Val di Sole from Bolentina or in Pinzolo area
2 h
Difficulty level
Suitable for
bachelorette party, bachelorette party
Incredible emotions on the skies of Trentino!
Paragliding flight over Lake Molveno. The flying experience voted the Top Experience of the last 3 years. A full flight where you will feel like eagles. The pilot will take you aloft thanks to the thermals and with super fun turns and manoeuvres you ...
90 minutes
Difficulty level
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Paragliding in Val di Sole, Trentino:
What you need to know before the experience

You will be accompanied in the flight by a professional instructor, fly over the majestic Brenta Dolomites or Lake Molveno or even in Val di Sole from malga Bolentina, with our friends from I-Fly Tandem.
Qualified AeCi instructors who have been in the tandem flight business for over 18 years are waiting to safely introduce you to the fantastic world of tandem paragliding in Trentino.

Tandem paragliding is an activity that allows two people to fly together using a single paraglider. It is an exciting experience that allows participants to experience the feeling of free flight while accompanied by an experienced pilot.
In tandem paragliding, the professional pilot controls the paraglider and manages the flight, while the passenger sits comfortably in a seat attached to the paraglider. The passenger requires no special experience or knowledge, as the pilot takes care of all maneuvers and safety during the flight.
Before the flight, the pilot provides basic instructions on takeoff and landing positions and procedures. Takeoff is from a hill or elevated area, where the paraglider is spread out, and with the assistance of updrafts or the use of a lift glider, the paraglider lifts into the air.

  • Hiking or trekking boots;
  • Windproof jacket;
  • Long trousers;
  • Sunglasses;

  • All technical equipment for the flight;

The activity is recommended for children over 8 years old.

The passion and long experience of our instructors will ensure that you approach paragliding with maximum safety and fun.
Rafting Center Trentino Wild Val di Sole in Dimaro and Caldes has over 40 years of experience in organizing outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino Alto Adige. Safety and quality always come first.

Flights may be postponed or brought forward due to weather conditions and specifically wind.

You can rent a GoPro Action Cam for free to film your experience directly in action. You will only need to leave an ID and purchase the SD card at our offices, which will then remain your property. The action cam rental is valid only after purchasing the SD card.

There are 2 flight periods: the WINTER period and the SUMMER period:
In the WINTER season, Flights are made from Pinzolo and Madonna Di Campiglio from the beginning of December until the lifts close in April. (It is possible to make the flight with skis on).
In the SUMMER season, tandem flights can be made in all of our areas, weather conditions permitting; they are mostly made from the beginning of April until the end of October. The most interesting flights are made in Val di Sole and Val Rendena, in the Brenta Dolomites in Trentino.

Frequently Asked Questions - Paragliding

After a brief explanation from the pilot, you will be ready to try this unique and unforgettable experience. During the flight, the passenger can enjoy spectacular panoramic views, flying safely and smoothly through the surrounding landscape.

The activity lasts about 2 hours in total, with transport, preparation, briefing. In flight, the experience lasts between 20 and 25 minutes, depending on wind conditions.

No, it's not dangerous: qualified AeCi instructors who have been in the tandem flight business for more than 18 years are waiting to safely introduce you to the amazing world of tandem paragliding in Trentino.

In Trentino, near Lake Molveno or in the Brenta Dolomites in Trentino, depending on the package chosen.

Safety first!

ISO 9001
  • Certified equipment
  • Qualified and certified personnel for each professional sector
  • Training centre for Safety in the workplace D .Lgs 8108
  • Company certifications (ISO 9001:2015 )
  • Cardio-protected facilities
  • sanitization products and procedures in line with current directives

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