Lezioni di sci

In Val di Sole skiing is one of the most practiced sports in winter.. The main ski resorts of Trentino characterize our facilities, which guarantee snow-covered and groomed slopes throughout the winter season!


Ski lessons, instructor sessions, freeride

Skiing in total freedom into Dolomiti di Brenta

  • Skiing in Val di Sole with an instructor
  • Over 37 years of experience in outdoor sports
  • Ski lessons for all levels of preparation
  • Skiing in Dimaro Folgarida, Marilleva and Campiglio
  • Accompained from expert ski instructors
  • Breathtaking landscapes and unique emotions!

In Dimaro Folgarida, there are so many ski slopes, suitable for everyone, with school camps and trails from blue to black...for all legs!

Moving higher into Val di Sole we find the area of Marilleva 900 and Marilleva 1400 from which numerous ski runs depart, on the peaks of the Dolomites. We can also move on to Madonna di Campiglio with the famous Grostè cableway that allows you to reach the peaks of our beautiful mountains and dominate the entire valley!

With Trentino Wild, you have the opportunity to discover the mountains through ski lessons accompanied by qualified and updated ski instructors in Val di Sole

For those who are just starting out, or for those who want to improve their technique... or for those who are looking for a qualified guide for freeride skiing in fresh snow...

Trentino Wild is ready to answer your questions!

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Activity types

2 hour lesson with an instructor

Imparare lo sci non è mai stato così facile! 

  • Sciare in Val di Sole con un maestro
  • oltre 37 anni di esperienza negli sport outdoor
  • 2 ore di lezione privata per tutti i livelli di preparazione
  • Sciare a Dimaro Folgarida, Marilleva e Campiglio
  • Accompagnati da esperti maestri di sci 
  • per imparare, affinare e migliorare sempre di più!
80.00€ a persona per 2 ore

3 hour group lesson with instructor

All together on the slopes!

  • Group lessons
  • over 37 years of experience in outdoor sports
  • Lessons reserved for those with the same skiing level 
  • Skiing in Dimaro Folgarida, Marilleva and Campiglio
  • Accompanied by experienced ski instructors 
  • With Trentino Wild the greater Outdoor center in Italy
35.00€ per person per day
(min 4 people)

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