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Val di Sole has long become the homeland of MTB in Trentino. A step away from Lake Garda, at the feet of the Brenta Dolomites, countless options await you, with adrenaline-filled routes and cycle paths, guided by downhill and MTB instructors, at the Rafting Outdoor Trentino Wild Center.

For the adventure lovers, from soft to gravity adrenaline!

Discover the Dolomites on two wheels!

Bike rental and guided tours in Val di Sole, homeland of the gravity world

  • The biggest and best-stocked bike rental (front and full shock absorbers, e-bikes, MTB)
  • Adrenaline filled downhill routes in Val di Sole
  • Equipment, child seats, prams, protections
  • Freeride and downhill, cycle paths with breathtaking views
  • Top quality equipment and professional and certified instructors
  • Photoshoot and free GoPro rental
  • ISO 9001:15  certified company on service quality
  • The first and largest outdoor Center in Italy

If you love adventures, you can choose from a wide variety of Mountain Bike activities.

Starting easy: the beautiful cycle path of Val di Sole, more than 30 kilometers of easy cycling surrounded by beautiful landscapes!
On summer the "train + bike" option is available for those who want to return by public service.
Is adrenaline your daily bread? Then our freeride and downhill solutions are your best choice.

The Rafting Center Val di Sole Trentino Wild organizes exciting freeride and downhill tours on the many tracks our mountains provide.

Downhill, shortened in DH, is a discipline practiced with bike with strong frames and with wheel excursion varying from 170 to 250 millimeters. Riders wear strong protections and full face helmets, since speed can go over 50 km/h.

We provide you with the most recent and advanced mountain bikes, specifically designed for downhill and freeride, and with the best protection gear.
Countless trails await you!
What are you waiting for? Come test yourself and enjoy the emotions only this sport can give!!!

You can also try the downhill course where the downhill world championship in Val di Sole takes place. Experience the most unique feelings, with exciting jumps and vertical terrains.

The ideal sport for groups of crazy people...You don’t need to be an expert cyclist. Our downhill guides will teach you how to safely approach this adventurous routes in no time.

The Rafting Center Trentino Wild Val di Sole in Dimaro has more than 37 years of experience in the outdoor activities and extreme sports management in Trentino Alto Adige. Safety and quality are always our priorities.

Many solutions await you between adrenaline and cycle paths, accompanied by the downhill and MTB instructors of the Rafting & Outdoor Rafting Center Trentino Wild.

Trust us at Rafting Center Trentino Wild Outdoor Village for our professionalism, quality and expertise in the outdoor and extreme sports in Trentino.

Bike rental

We rent front and full Mountain bikes, e-bikes and accessories for children in the centers of Dimaro and Caldes.

The entrance to the cycle path is adjacent to both the center of Dimaro and the base of once ready, go along the beautiful cycle path of the Val di Sole!

How does MTB work?

  • For downhill and freeride, depending on the chosen activity, transport will be organized for you.
  • Once you have all the necessary equipment (bikes and protection gear) you are ready for adventure!
  • Our guides will give you a short theory lesson on safety and explain how to ride safely.
  • Are you ready? Let’s start! Dirt terrains, trails, jumps and thrilling adrenaline-pumping rides!
    At the end of your experience you will return to the Center, where you can access the changing rooms, shower and rest, before sharing your fantastic experience!
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Activity types

MTB excursion on cycle path with guide

Discovering unexpected places, panoramas and stories of our Val di Sole ... on board a bicycle!

  • 3 hour cycle path with our expert guides
  • not only technique and bike, but also knowledge of history and territory
  • suitable for all ages 8 and up
  • new MTB, of all sizes and types
  • equipment, seats, trolleys, available
: Variable
: Easy
: 3 h
30.00€ Adult

Bike and E-bike Rent

Electric bikes, front and full amortized, trolley rental for your children or child seats, to experience family adventures with varied and quality equipment

  • New bike fleet every year, constantly checked
  • At the Bike Rent & Tour Trentino Wild Rafting Center & Outdoor
starting from 12€ for 2 hours

E-BIKE Tours

E-Bikes, electric bikes, pedal assistance... many names for one goal: being able to go beyond your potential and discover new places

  • Suitable for everyone ages 14 and up
  • High-quality e-bikes and professional instructors
  • Possibility of attaching kids trolley or kid seats (great for families)
da 49.00€ a persona

MTB Enduro - Emperor's Route

Very panoramic freeride mountain bike descent.

  • suitable for all
  • 900 meters descent
: 19 km
: Medium
: 3 h
60.00€ Adult

MTB Enduro - Eagle's Route

Fantastic Freeride descent where only eagles dare to go, accompanied by professional instructors

  • Suitable for all adults
  • 1250 meters descent
: difference in altitude about 1200mt
: average; for adults and children over 16 years
: 3h
65.00€ Adult

Downhill World Championship

Test your skills on routes which have become a downhill must!

  • The downhill world championship run
  • Quality of materials top technical equipment
  • Ascent by minibus or lift
75.00€ per person

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