Paintball Extreme

Paintball Extreme

: 1 h
+18 years old
15-17 year old
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Come and try a fantastic paintball experience on field number 1 in Trentino. The Centre Trentino Wild that has more than 40 years experience in outdoor sports in Italy offers you the possibility of spending 1 or 2 hours of adrenaline-filled enjoyment in complete safety.

The paintball match is organised in an enclosed field and with the necessary protections. A minimum of 8 persons and a maximum of 45 persons are needed to play Paintball. Paintball is ideal for stag parties, hen parties and birthday parties.

After a short pause during which the rules of engagement and the possible variations will be explained to you will then be provided with the personal kit that consists of a marker, protections and 200 shots.

The paintball match lasts approximately 1 hour. You can contact the center to book a 2 hours game

The price of any additional paintball refills is Euros 10 for 200 paintballs, Euros 20 for 500 paintballs, Euros 35 for 1,000 paintballs and Euros 60 for 2,000 paintballs.

A game referee will always be present during the matches and the assistance staff will always be at your disposal! 

During the activity, photographs will be taken that you can buy at the end of the experience: a memory of this beautiful adventure!

Have fun and Pura Vida!

How does Paintball activity works?

  • meeting in reception at the time established during the booking, for registration and payments
  • transfer (by yourself) to the archery area 
  • practical lesson 
  • beginning of the adventure!


  • sleeveless clothing and long trousers that can get dirty
  • shoes suitable for running (with a good sole)
  • spare parts for taking a shower in the post activity
Paintball kit


  • protective mask
  • bib
  • equipment (markers, pellets)
NB: The color of Paintballs is ecologic and washable


Recommended period: from April to October

Duration:1 hour, 200 paintballs per person (possibility of purchasing refills). To book 2 hours contact the center

Suitable for: from 14 years old (for kids over 5 try paintball for kids)

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