• Ideal for team building and schools
  • Fun and educational
  • also suitable for mountain bikes and snowshoes
  • develops concentration and team spirit
  • with the assistance of qualified instructors
  • 2 to 4 hour routes
  • Trentino Wild Rafting Center & Otudoor in Val di Sole
39.00€ per person

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Orienteering game consists in following a pre-defined route through a forest setting while finding different check-points along the way using only a compass and a highly detailed topological map.

It is a very funny and involving activity.

It is also perfect for team-building courses. All you need to bring is clothes for running in the forest, good trekking boots and a sense of adventure

You can also try some alternatives: mountain bike orienteering along the cycle lane of the valley or winter snowshoe orienteering.

The courses will be run by the Italian champion Marco Bezzi. The perfect activity for team building and outdoor training!

How orienteering works

The meeting is at the time established during the booking, for registration and payments, in our office  (Dimaro - Caldes - Croviana). After a first presentation, ( map and the use of compass)  the participants will be ready to go!

Team that reaches the established points (lanterns) in the shortest time will wins! Aggregation, team work, mountain running, trekking and sport ... in our beautiful Val di Sole!


  • comfortable hiking clothing. It is advisable to dress several layers (a first layer, in contact with the skin, in polypropylene, a second layer in fleece or wool and a third waterproof layer such as windbreaker in nylon or goretex, long pants are recommended) ; depending on the season
  • backpack (inside a shirt and a spare shirt, a kway, etc.);
  • trekking boots with vibram sole or sneakers with a good sole;
  • water bottle (it is the most practical and ecological container for the transport of liquids);


  • compass and map;

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