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Orienteering is an activity very  fun and at the same time, highly educational.
It was born in Scandinavian countries and over time it has become a real sporting discipline, with events and competitions.

Have you lost your compass? You can find it with us, Trentino Wild!

Fun and educational activity!

  • Ideal for team building, schools and groups
  • Orienteering game, with mountain bike or with snowshoes
  • Qualified instructors
  • Routes from 2 to 4 hours
  • Outdoor Center N°1 for safety and fun
  • Company certificated on quality of services

Orienteering is also called "sport of the woods" and it consists in carrying out a predefined route by control points called "lanterns" by the help of a compass and a very detailed topographic map, that contains details of the place to be covered. 

It is a very fun and educational activity.

The places of orienteering in Trentino are the woods and the natural environments in general (rivers, mountains, proximity of lakes, small villages, etc.) .

It is an ideal activity to carry out during team building or for school trips or days out of town for associations and groups.

You can also try our variants of orienteering with the orienteering mountain bike,  along the cycle path of the Val di Sole or the orienteering with snowshoes during the winter, or the fun orienteering escape with treasure hunt! 

Trentino Wild Val di Sole Rafting Center in Dimaro and Caldes has more than 38 years of experience in outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino. All outdoor activities are followed by qualified and trained staff, the quality of services and safety are always at the top! We are waiting for you to test our experience, and have un  unforgettable outdoor adventures in Trentino, fun and carefree!

How orienteering works

  • Meeting at the time agreed, in our office  (Dimaro - Caldes - Croviana).
  • After a first presentation, ( map and the use of compass)  the participants will be ready to go!
  • Team that reaches the established points (lanterns) in the shortest time will wins!

Aggregation, team work, mountain running, trekking and sport ... in our beautiful Val di Sole!

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Activity types

Escape Outdoor for groups

Escape Outdoor in Val di Sole: Outdoor Escape Room!

  • Much more than an escape room and different from just orienteering
  • Explore the nature of Val di Sole by looking for clues/signs!
  • Have fun reaching goals with games and ability tests!
from 45.00€ per person

Orienteering Game for groups and Team Building

Ideal for team building and schools

  • Fun and educational!
  • develops concentration and team spirit
  • also suitable for mountain bikes and snowshoes
  • with the assistance of qualified instructors
  • 2 to 4 hour routes
  • Trentino Wild Rafting Center & Otudoor in Val di Sole
da 39.00€ per person

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