The training vocation linked to the theme of safety is deeply rooted in the soul of Trentino Wild and is not limited to training courses, but is present in all the proposals and in all the work of Trentino Wild. Thanks to a highly professional staff, you will be in excellent hands! 

Are you looking for courses related to the world of sport and whitewater kayak? At Trentino Wild village you will find qualified instructors, ready to support your routes and help you improve more and more! If you want to do a single lesson or a course, or you want to try working on the eskimo or make an accompanied descent into the river ... count on us! 

To stay on the "river" theme Trentino Wild offers a very wide choice of courses for the world of river and flood rescue. Thanks to the National School Rescue Project, river rescue courses are offered for river and flood rescuers. Every year, the Army, rescue workers, Navy, Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, 118, public assistance, rely on Trentino Wild for their training in wild water and to manage flood risk.

Many companies, which must comply with Legislative Decree 81/08 on safety in the workplace (Law in Italy), have specific risks to deal with: for all those who have to manage the risk of their operators falling into the water, Trentino Wild has the appropriate and qualified training response. Trentino Wild is accredited for the provision of courses on safety in the workplace in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08 and the State and Regions Agreement 21/12/2011. 

Trentino Wild offices, in addition to being already cardioprotected facilities (with semi-automatic defibilators), are also accredited centre for first aid courses for lay personnel at BLS (Basic Life Support) - BLSD (Basic Life Support with AED) - PHTC (Pre Hospital Trauma Care) courses. Safety and health prevention therefore: raising awareness and providing the right and updated first aid procedures is also our civic duty! 

Training also passes through experiences: here is the scenario of experiential training, the most used and functional training method for adult learning. So, here are ready many solutions for corporate team building, where the outdoor environment will be our classroom and activities ... the metaphors that will highlight the material on which to "study": leadership, team work, communication, conflict management, self-empowerment; for teams aiming at success!