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For everyone


During the Summer


In Val di Sole

High Mountain, the word itself says, trekking at altitude. You will walk in wonderful places where only a few are allowed to arrive. The alpine guide that will accompany you will take you safely on these paths, where you will eventually reach the sky with a finger. The activity you can always do in the summer has its charm, starting from the car in short shorts until you reach the summit with boots and crampons. In the afternoon you get into the car by a narrow and unpaved road to Forte Pozzi Alti; from here with an easy path, also characterized by an impressive gallery, you reach the Denza hut (2314 m) where you stay overnight. Duration: daily Equipment: rucksack, boots, 2 pairs of socks, blistering patches, water, 1 spare vest, a heavier jacket for the evening K-way, heavy pants.






Località le Contre

Comune di Caldes

Val di Sole – Trentino

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