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Trentino Wild offers a very special and different rafting trip: Soft Rafting sull’Adige!
The rafting descent on the river Adige is an exciting navigation of the river in the Trento section, on board a dinghy designed specifically for river navigation.
It is an easy rafting, accessible to all those who want to discover how exciting and fun can be a soft rafting immersed in the river and in the city! specifically trained for river rescue by the Rescue Project National Training School, he will be a security figure as well as a guide throughout the journey! A unique opportunity to be together, in contact with nature! The welcoming waters of the river will accompany us to discover the Adige, its “inhabitants”, such as the mallard, the herons, the various insects;


We will discover how the river has left its mark on the city of Trento, through the centuries. Culture, nature, territory, associated with a new outdoor experience will make the activity unforgettable! We will descend in maximum safety with our rafting, the waters of the Adige river, simple and fun! The presence on each boat of a rafting guide patented by the Italian Rafting Federation,
The soft rafting activity does not require the use of wetsuits or water jackets, but can be practiced with civilian clothes, thanks to the use of special raft with the bottom closed.
For safety purposes, the use of a life jacket is mandatory.


At Soft Rafting you can also combine different activities:
– BATTELLO ADULLO MORE BIOTOPO: this activity includes a visit to the biotope of the foci dell’Avisio. During the visit, a guide will explain the characteristics of the protected natural area of Trentino-Alto Adige established in 1994.
From here the descent by boat along the river Adige will start, which will allow you to savor culture, traditions and economy of a territory rich in history.
– BOAT ON THE MOST MUSEUM: this activity combines a soft rafting descent on the river Adige with the entrance at a discounted price to the Museum of the Muse (Museum of Sciences of Trento).
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Variazioni: In base alla portata del torrente, imbarchi e sbarchi potrebbero subire variazioni al fine di garantire la durata e la tipologia dell’attività scelta