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Rescue Project


River safety by profession

TrentinoWILD Village offers not only activities such as hydrospeed rafting or other. For more than 12 years, TrentinoWILD has been involved in fluvial and alluvial training and safety. The managers of the rafting center are born as canoeing and rafting athletes. They have experiences all over the world as guides and begin the long path of rescue training. They turn all the continents, they learn they grow and over time become the national pillar for rescue. TrentinoWILD starts the project “National School of RescueProject Training“.

What at the beginning is a passion over the years becomes more and more a dream that is realized. The instructors continue their personal training by becoming experts in river, alpine and marine rescue. We continue to make experiences for the world but this time not only as learners but also as teachers. Now the school boasts rescuers throughout Italy and also internationally. RescueProject becomes responsible for training professionals who accompany people in the river and in canyoning. Excellent recognition as important as the Fire Brigade. The helicopter rescuers of the Alto Adige Fire Department pass from the School for specific training as well as volunteers. The Air Force together with its rescue technicians areo, Military, civil protection and much more. TrentinoWILD and RescuePoriject become the references for relief and material development, collaborating with many companies in the design, for example the company KONG, AndrewShoes, Galaxy, Climbing Technology and North wall and many others. But not only the relief centers grow and the school with them. More than 10 accredited training centers in Italy.

A unique professional reality in Italy

TrentinoWILD is a guarantee and safety.
We are those who develop, rescue, work there, train skilled personnel, create guidelines and professionals go from here.
This is TrentinoWILD to be wary of imitations can save a life,
maybe just yours.
Training and security,

Various courses are offered based on needs. But this for TrentinoWILD RescueProject is not enough.

The ISO recognition process is undertaken, creating a quality product linked to training and certification. TrentinoWILD becomes a training center for work in Fune law 81, recognized by the Province of Trento. But this still is not enough. RescueProject enrolls in the Civil Protection and creates specialized teams on the territory ready to intervene. TrentinoWILD sponsors the teams and thanks to the guests who visit the TrentinoWILD Rafting Center in the summer, the rescue school recovers funds for the rescuers.
The various teams are trained and alerted and work in floods and training. The School becomes the first accredited center since 118 for training at BLS-D in Trentino and throughout the regions, thanks also to the collaboration with SalvamentoAcademy.

The National Society for Salvation relies on the school for the training of lifeguards for the fluvial and alluvial part. But this is only the seal of the many awards, various rescue bodies rely on the Rescueproject. Rafting centers Italian Rafting Federation, Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation, Uisp, accept the education of the school and many of them recognize only this kind of path. K38 International and the k38 Italia School relies on RescueProject training to work in living waters. Mountain guides, Carabinieri pass from here, but not only. Event Safety Management, such as canoeing and rafting competitions. Training and SafetyTrentinoWILD Rescue Project organize all the safety aspects of the DVRs and become the reference professionals in the job sector too. PPE material certification in compliance with and controlled by RescueProject. Guidelines, the new guidelines for rescuers are studied and created. Specialized courses such as rafting, safety kayaking, motor boat classes all come from the RescueProject School.

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