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River Rafting Trip




If fully booked or you would like a specific time, please contact the office.
Depending on the flow rate of the river, there could be variations in embarkations/disembarkations in order to guarantee the duration of the outing.

This rafting trip with Trentino Wild -- Number 1 outdoor sports centre for safety and fun -- on the Noce River is a descent of 25 km. for those who want to try and navigate the whole length of the river. This great rafting experience will give you the opportunity of seeing the upper reaches of the Noce River where the European Rafting Championships as well as the Canoe and Kayak World Championships were held. You can then navigate the lower reaches of the river where various tributaries that flow into the Noce raise the water lever, creating incredible rapids. This rafting on the Noce River lasts about 3 hours, 30 minutes. With fantastic rapids and relaxing moments, you will see unique spots, and you can navigate the Noce River, classified the 9th river worldwide for practicing water sports and the best in Europe for rafting according to the National Geographic Society ( This adventure will make you understand the importance of the team: everyone must paddle; follow the Guide’s instructions; help those of the group who are less fit so as to manage to guide the raft among the most challenging rapids of the Noce River. For this activity on the Noce River you will need personal equipment that our centre can supply: for example: lifebelt, wetsuit, jacket, helmet. At the end of the event, you can meet at the bar of the Trentino Wild Village, Le Contre, Caldes, for a drink and sandwich and a happy discussion about the day. And not to forget that photographs are taken along the route. You can see these in our office on your return. The length of the activity, as well as time taken in the descent, includes the theoretical lesson, water test (if necessary) and transport times. The Noce River The Noce River, in the Province of Trento, is the major right-bank tributary of the Adige River, bringing its waters from the mountain groups Ortles-Cevedale and Adamello-Presanella. It is born on the slopes of the Corno dei Tre Signori (Ortles), at 2,670 m., crosses the Val di Sole and the Val di Non, feeding the Lake Santa Giustina, and then flowing into the Adige River, to the south of Zambana. Rafting in the Noce River is both enjoyable and exciting. The waters of the river are crystal clear and the rapids utterly thrilling. Approximately 3 kilometres after Cogolo, the Noce rushes downstream to the valley forming a unique, uninterrupted rapid, accessible only to expert canoeists. It then calms before joining up with the stream Vermigliana, a river which rises at the Tonale Pass (1,883 m). and is only accessible for a brief stretch due to artificial jumps. Duration: 3hours 30 minutes Embarkation / Disembarkation: Pellizzano / Laghetto di Dimaro (transfer) Monclassico – Ponte Stori Equipment: all supplied by the centre: lifebelt, wetsuit, jacket, helmet. You must only bring a pair of shoes which can get wet (e.g. Gym shoes) and whatever you need for a shower at the end of the activity. This rafting is specifically for those of you who want to see the Noce River in all its splendour. For those of you who are not afraid of getting tired. For anyone seeking a group adventure.






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