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Rafting hydrospeed e beer

ADRENALINA !!! TRENTINO WILD live 100% rafting and hydrospeed + free photos
from May to September
ADRENALINA !!! TRENTINO WILD live 100% rafting and hydrospeed
starting from € 110.00
Is water your element? Adrenaline is your energy source? Choose to spend a weekend practicing rafting and hydrospeed in the Noce rapids. Tent offered for those who decide to do the 2 activities in 2 days and FREE PHOTOS.

RAFTING ADRENALINA: 15 km dives jumps and races between dinghies and energy to live.

HYDROSPEED ADRENALINA: the 6 km hydrospeed descent that will take you to sail the river with a bob and fins. As always, accompanied by expert and qualified guides such as hydrospeed guides and safety kayaks. TrentinoWILD and its staff are responsible for training guides at national level.

ADRENALINA !!! TRENTINO WILD live 100% rafting and hydrospeed
Security passes from here.

For whom: groups of friends, couples, bachelor and hen parties and much more.

Duration: 2 days

Equipment: All the material: Lifebelt, wetsuit, jacket, helmet, will be provided by the center you have to bring only a pair of shoes to be wet type gym and the necessary for the shower.

What to do next: Bar, solarium, soccer, tennis, bike, or try to play the new Laser game, trying to capture the groom, or the poorer boat.

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Variazioni: In base alla portata del torrente, imbarchi e sbarchi potrebbero subire variazioni al fine di garantire la durata e la tipologia dell’attività scelta