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Rafting for schools and groups on the river Noce


For large groups! Minimum number 20 people.


From May to September


At the Village of Trentino WILD in Caldes in Valdisole the structure offers many possibilities to large groups.

Rafting for schools and groups on the river Noce A descent with a lot of training. The students will learn what it means to respect the river and thanks to the National School of Rescue project training will be made a small theoretical part, to make children understand the right behavior near water and floods.Rafting for schools and groups on the river Noce. This is the descent studied in the mail for numerous groups. Grest, associations, gyms, sports teams, clubs and students, from 6 years of age. For everyone it is possible to go rafting and live a unique experience. The rivers in fact offer to all lovers of rafting and water sports a complete recreation, both physical and spiritual: and a rafting descent into a group is an opportunity to confront themselves and their fears, but harmoniously inserted in a collective context . You will discover that group rafting is a unique opportunity to put aside competitiveness and rivalry, and to field only cooperation and respect; attitudes, the latter, suggested by the peculiarity of the natural environment that surrounds us and leads us to look for other complicities and support Group rafting is an activity that includes a theoretical lesson and a river water test; the equipment will be entirely provided by the sports center, you only have to bring a swimsuit, a pair of sneakers to be wet and the necessary for the hot shower that will wait for you on arrival. the proposal to meet the needs of groups and schools of Trentino Wild, rafting center and outdoor sports in the heart of the Val di Sole This descent as well as being a beautiful activity to be enjoyed all together, also has some surprises. For example dives jumps that everyone can live, and then why not make a prayer to the god of the river.   Recommended minimum number of participants: 12 people Duration: 1h 20 Embarkation / Disembarkation: Caldes / Ponte StoriEquipment: All the material -sale, wetsuit, jacket, helmet- will be provided by the center. You will have to bring only a pair of gym shoes and the necessary items for the shower. Discover the educational projects by clicking here Rafting for schools and groups on the river Noce. Ready to fun ready to go.






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