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Paintball game in val di Sole


€30 per person, 400 shots and all the protective clothing included

Recharge costs:
€5 for 100 paintballs
€20 for 500 paintballs
€35 for 1,000 paintballs
€60 for 2,000 paintballs


The whole year round.

Trentino Wild has the biggest field and offers the most fun! After years of Laser Tag and Archery Tag, now we offer you Paintball! This is for those of you who are looking for maximum fun. A 2-hour match. 400 shots per person. WOULD YOU LIKE TO INTERGRATE PAINTBALL WITH ARCHERY TAG? Would you like to play in 35 with a simulation of the END of the WORLD??? You can at Trentino Wild!!! Here you can try all the game formats: witness protection, exfiltration, bunker raid, etc.…… Here the shots are not spared, adrenaline will be your sidekick and your friends will become your brothers. 400 shots per head for a 2-hour game. Recharge costs: €5 for 100 paintballs €20 for 500 paintball €35 for 1,000 paintballs €60 for 2,000 paintballs We will take photographs, and there is also the possibility of filming the game. Heroes in a unique and enjoyable adventure. At the end of the game, you can see the 100 plus photos taken. For €15 you can have the photos and a personalized memory stick. For anyone who is not afraid of too much fun.






Località le Contre

Comune di Caldes

Val di Sole – Trentino

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