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Paintball for KIDS in Trentino with Trentino Wild


€20 per child

Recharge costs:
€5 for 100 paintballs
€20 for 500 paintballs
€35 for 1,000 paintballs
€60 for 2,000 paintballs


all young persons under 18


all year round

Trentino WILD thinks of everything! Paintball in Trentino for children! From 8 years old, they too can play. With new “guns” adapted for them The kids will be supplied with protective clothing so as to guarantee fun in total safety. Fun has no age limit; and kids can experience this with the correct equipment and accompanied by professional operators. OFFER PAINTBALL JUNIOR KIDS Euro 20.00 One hour Markers calibre 50 (lighter, less cumbersome, adapted to all ages) 200 paintballs. € 5.00 for every recharge of 100 paintballs; €20.00 for 500 paintballs; €35.00 for 1,000 paintballs; €60.00 for 2,000 paintballs. Basic kit (compressed-air marker with charger and canister, mask). Protective kit (protective vest, mask and neck guard). Unlimited compressed-air. Operators to assist players before, during and after the match. Explanatory introduction to the sport / equipment / safety measures. Use of facilities (changing rooms men/women, showers, bar, rest area, gallery. For every extra hour of play: €10.00






Località le Contre

Comune di Caldes

Val di Sole – Trentino

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