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Hydrospeed rafting in Val di Sole TrentinoWILD number 1.

Hydrospeed rafting in Val di Sole Trentino Wild: outdoor, fun and nature A happy weekend in Val di Sole Bang … I am in the swirling water of the river Noce at the mercy of a kind of bob and try to stay in the trajectory of Chiara, everything is white, blue and sparkling, water and sky, horizontal and vertical … Bang I reverse and I have to wake up to turn around with the eskimo maneuver … remember never give up the bob … Bang here the contact with the water of the Walnut is maximum in this activity called hydro-speed … Bang boulders to avoid, bang breathless and already are off course! Although I have been living in the mountains for many years I have never lived intensely the rivers and streams, I refreshed my feet in the torrents and at most I looked for some favorable point to cross them (north-west passage?) But my experience ended there. I knew that there were other dimensions to explore, I knew that the river could reserve adventures that I love to look for but I always missed the time and the opportunity … until I had the chance to spend a weekend in Val di Sole and appreciate the Noce river. Massimo Bursi and Chiara with Michele, their river guide Massimo Bursi and Chiara with Michele, their river guide Passion always makes the difference Val di Sole is a Trentino valley wedged between the Val di Non, behind the Brenta, under the Cevedale and the Ortles and from which the Val di Rabbi and the Val di Pejo branches off. It is certainly a charming valley where you can do many sports: cycling, canoeing, rafting, climbing, ice climbing, skiing. In the middle of the valley there is a sports center called Trentino Wild and it is there that we stopped: the guys who run the center and who started this business are good and animated by great passion for river activities. And passion always makes the difference. With Michele, our volcanic river guide and man of great mountaineering adventure but above all of steep skiing, we leave for a first kayak ride in the lake of Santa Giustina at the bottom of Val di Non. Michele takes us to a canyon known as Rio Novella canyon, a fissure that you can cross and visit only by canoe. You leave the world of the placid lake and you enter this canyon that in some places is so narrow as to move forward with the hands on the rocks of the side walls. A tall and very distant medieval bridge shows us how deep our gorge is and we really do not think we are in Val di Non but we think of the movies and the adventures of Indiana Jones. A mystery of this release that I did not really understand is the fact that, on the double kayak, Chiara and I, we struggle to keep going straight but we always have a zig-zag gait … and yes there are no uphill stretches ! All to enjoy your holidays in tranquility This sports center that obviously rises on the river Noce and on the Val di Sole cycle path, has a large green area where you can stop with campers, sunbathe, dry off after river activities, play volleyball, basketball or soccer, wall equipped for climbing for children … and the possibility of barbecuing. In fact in the evening Cristina prepares us the barbecue box, a box with everything, but everything, everything needed for a barbecue dinner. Chiara and I start with our cash and quickly, hungry is so much, we prepare the embers to grill vegetables and cook the meat and enjoy a dinner really so many stars because the weather is really beautiful and the evening in the valley is very relaxing. In the center there is no possibility of sleeping on site … but just cross the Noce on the bridge and Nadia will host you in its cozy Hotel Lastè, so Cristina told us and so we did. Nadia has reserved a beautiful attic room on the second floor where we can see but above all hear the Noce. In the hotel we meet three young people from Bologna who will live with us the adventure of rafting together with the guides Michele and Felipe, a guide just arrived from Chile. Even today is a magnificent day … so we comment while we have breakfast with an eye towards the bubbly Noce! It’s time for rafting on the river Noce It’s time for rafting on the river Noce In contact with the water of the Walnut Today we begin with rafting, a group activity and certainly the centerpiece of the center. Many friends, even those who are hen and bachelor party, go up here to try this emotion: adrenaline assured in an activity that must be done with the right attention but above all accompanied by valid instructors. Rafting, practically the descent of the river in a dinghy, is done in groups and is an activity that creates a group. It is for this reason that at the center they have created a study room where they can check in the classroom the team-building mechanisms that have been tested in the field activities. Michele and Felipe accompany us together with the young people of Bologna, at first they teach us

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