• Collective ski lessons
  • Over 37 years experience in the outdoor sports
  • This lesson is reserved for who has the same ski level ability
  • Skiing in Dimaro Folgarida, Marilleva and Campiglio
  • Accompained by expert ski instructors
  • With Trentino Wild, the bigger outdoor center in Italy
35,00€ per person per day

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Group lessons are a useful tool to help you learn skiing by exploiting the so-called "peer education". By imitating your friends during the practice of skiing, listening to the corrections that the teacher proposes, you can exponentially increase the information provided and build 3 hours of ski lessons full of information and learning! T 

Group ski lessons with an instructor assume that the participants all have a similar skiing level, so that the 3 hours of lessons can be adequately addressed by everyone. 

Qualified and updated staff will be at your service!

Why rely on us

Trentino wild, the bigger outdoor center in Italy, with his headquarters in Dimaro and Caldes has over 38 years of experience in organizing outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino. For us Safety is always at first place.
Rely on Trentino Wild, in summer and winter, the historical professionals of outdoor and extreme sports in Trentino.

How does a group ski lesson with an instructor work?

  • you define the meeting place near the slope during the booking phase
  • meeting and first definition of the 3 hours of activity
  • start of the lesson!  
  • at the end of the 3 hours, greetings  


  • ski clotingh
  • ski equipment
  • gloves
  • waterproof and wind stopper jacket
  • helmet
Attrezzatura da sci


Period: from december to march

adapt to: from10 years and up - reservation and preparation on skiing ability required

Duration:half day

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