Inflatable canoe
Descend the river Noce between the rapids and the waves ... accompanied by our guide and canoe master you will sail the river walnut on inflatable kayaks. Top experience! Recommend...
: 2h
+14 years old
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Amazing activity for all people want to try a river trip aboard an inflatable canoe, with our rafting guides and kayak instructors. It is necessary to know how to swim and have a good propensity for adventure.

You will go down Noce river, challenging the most demanding rapids to discover the energy of our stream and strong emotions and power!!

During the descent you will learn how to understand currents, weight distribution, how to enter the eddies of the river, how to make the most of the waves to cross the river and much, much more.

Trentino Wild Val di Sole Rafting Center, with its offices in Dimaro, Croviana and Caldes, has over 37 years of experience in organizing outdoor activities and extreme sports in Trentino Alto Adige, in Italy. Safety and quality always come first. Trust on Rafting Center Trentino Wild Outdoor Village, for professionalism, quality and experience in the outdoor world and extreme sports in Trentino. We are waiting for you!

How does tandem kayak classic works?

  • meeting in reception 45 minutes before the time set, for registration and payments
  • delivery of technical equipment, changing rooms for dressing
  • transfer to the boarding point with Trentino Wild vans 
  • practical lesson 
  • ... beginning of the adventure!


  • T-shirt or microfleece to wear under the wetsuit;
  • swimming costume or swimsuit to be worn under the wetsuit;
  • Spare sneakers- shoes that get wet;
  • Towel / bathrobe, slippers and a shampoo if you want to have a hot shower after each activity
kayak and canoe kit


  • Certified life jacket;
  • Water jacket;
  • Long Jhon wetsuit;
  • Homologated helmet;
  • Paddle and canoe;


Wetsuits, water jackets, helmets and socks are washed and treated after each use with disinfectant solution

Recommended period: from May to September

Suitable for: people over 18

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