Paintball Kids

Paintball Kids

: Easy and fun
: 1 h
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Who said paintball is only for adults? A paintball for kids match looks like extreme paintball, but with different (less powerful) guns and smaller paint balls.

Paintball for kids take place in an enclosed field with the necessary protection. There are a required minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 20. It’s an ideal game for everyone! For schools, groups of friends, associations and for celebrating birthdays

Suitable for everyone, not only for kids but also families, for parents vs children battles... fun moments with your loved ones! Paintball doesn’t requite any specific skills, the only requirement: great desire to have fun.

Colors will surround you!

After a short briefing with the explanation of the rules you will receive the personal kit, consisting of a marker, protections and 200 rounds.

The match of extreme paintball lasts one hour, filled with runs, tactics, movements and colorful moments!

Don’t worry for your clothes, our colored paint is washable, the paint balls are non-toxic and biodegradable: a quick wash in the washing machine and your clothes will be clean!

The price for an additional paint balls refill is 10 euro for 200 balls, 35 euro for 1000 and 60 euro for 2000. During every match a game referee will be attending to help you!

Where the paintball arenas are located?

Our paintball arenas are in Croviana and Caldes, in Val di Sole. You can also experiment at our night paintball, in the arena in Croviana, fill your nights with adrenaline for a new crazy experience!  

Completely renewed, the arena is located in a location specifically chosen for this sport and provides changing rooms, a beach volley court, tennis courts, a barbecue area and a relaxation area. At our arenas you will find the new PaintBar in Croviana and the WildBar in Caldes, where our lovely staff will welcome you in the perfect place to enjoy the post-game moments.

How does paintball work?

The meeting point will be at our offices (in Dimaro or Caldes) at the time established during the booking, for registration and payments

After that you will reach the arena (by car for Corviana arena, walking distance from the reception for the Caldes arena), where our staff will give you the equipment and kits.

A referee staff member will brief you shortly on the equipment and safety rules, then... let the fun begin!

After the game you can use our changing rooms and relax while sharing the best moments!

A free photo will be given to remember a fun day!

During the activity, photographs will be taken that you can buy at the end of the experience: a memory of this beautiful adventure!


  • sleeveless clothing and long trousers that can get dirty
  • shoes suitable for running (with a good sole)
  • spare parts for taking a shower in the post activity
Paintball kit


  • protective mask
  • bib
  • equipment (markers, pellets)
NB: The color of Paintballs is ecologic and washable


Recommended time: from April to October

Duration: 1 hour, 200 paint balls per person (extra refills available)

Minimum age: ages 7 and up

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