• Much more than an escape room and different from just orienteering
  • Explore the nature of Val di Sole by looking for clues/signs!
  • Have fun reaching goals with games and ability tests!
from 45.00€ per person

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Escape Outdoor in Val di Sole is more than just an outdoor escape room, it’s a true challenge for the bravest.

Here at Trentino WILD Rafting Center Outdoor we don’t like to do things the easy way.

Our Outdoor Escape is a challenge, can you win this? Are you and your team ready to accept the innovative outdoor escape room challenge in Val di Sole?

Your team will be tested with physical and mental challenges.

Only by working as a team and using your wits you will be able to overcome them all!
You will find riddles to solve, locks that need to be opened, crossroads taking you down the right or wrong road. Your skills will be put to the test, but at the end of this great experience you will be rewarded, including with practical skills that will come handy in your daily life.
It’s a fun and educational activity perfect for groups of friends or companies willing to invest in formative team building.

Ideal for:

  • Adults
  • Companies
  • Groups

How does the Outdoor escape room activity work?

The meeting point is at our offices in Caldes, 45 minutes before the scheduled time. After an initial introduction and explanation of the rules of the game, the participants are ready to start! 

Team building, teamwork, trail running, problem solving, trekking and sport... on the mountains of Val di Sole!


  • comfortable hiking clothing. It is advisable to dress several layers (a first layer, in contact with the skin, in polypropylene, a second layer in fleece or wool and a third waterproof layer such as windbreaker in nylon or goretex, long pants are recommended) ; depending on the season
  • backpack (inside a shirt and a spare shirt, a kway, etc.);
  • trekking boots with vibram sole or sneakers with a good sole;
  • water bottle (it is the most practical and ecological container for the transport of liquids);


  • compass and map;


Recommended period: from April to September

Duration: about 2 hours

For who: groups with people ages 14 and up

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