• Reach places you never would have reached before!
  • Suitable for everyone ages 14 and up
  • Possibility of attaching kids trolley or kid seats (great for families)
  • High-quality e-bikes and professional instructors
  • At the Trentino Wild Rafting Center & Outdoor Bike Rental in Dimaro and Caldes
from 59.00€ per person

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E-Bikes, electric bikes, pedal assistance...many names for one goal: being able to go beyond your potential and discover new places we could not have reached with normal bikes!

The electric bike is the new way of thinking bicycles, opening new doors and possibilities for everyone!
A new and fascinating approach to experience riding bikes. You will be able to reach beyond your expectations and explore the beautiful scenery of Trentino, surrounded by the majestic Brenta Dolomites! 

The Outdoor Rafting Center Trentino Wild offers two main guided routes for e-bikes, where you will explore Val di Sole on roads and mountain trails, enjoying the freedom and the potential only an e-bike can provide!



From Rafting Center in Dimaro the route goes up the cycle path to the town of Pellizzano.
The road winds its way up through the characteristic village of Fazzon and to the beautiful Lago dei Caprioli. Here you will enjoy the magical atmosphere of this small body of water surrounded by the breathtaking nature.
Let’s get going again, through the nearby Val Piana and returning on cycle path!

An exciting and fantastic e-bike tour guided by our MTB guides at the Rafting & Outdoor Center in Dimaro! 

Duration: about 3 hours – 49 € per person all inclusive!


A beautiful tour on the cycle path riding our top-notch e-bikes from our bike rent & tour!
The tour goes along the stream of river Noce, down to the last town of Val di Sole (Cis). On the way back, on the other side of the valley, you will cycle through the splendid and typical apple orchards, very important in the economy of Val di Sole, with the well-known "Melinda" brand. 

Everyone can explore the culture and landscapes of the valley on this tour, guided by the MTB guides of Centro Rafting & Outdoor in Dimaro!

Duration: about 3 hours – 49 € per person, all-inclusive!

Video of your adventure

During the activity the highlights of your adventure will be faithfully captured by our action cameras! And to make the experience truly unforgettable, our reception will be ready to process the video, memory that you can share with friends and family! .

At the end of the activity you can decide to buy the video editing ... so you can relive the emotions of this amazing adventure!


How does the E-bike Tour Val di Sole with Trentino Wild Rafting Center & Outdoor work?

  • The meeting point is at Rafting Center & Outdoor Rafting Center Trentino Wild in Dimaro and Caldes. For this activity it is preferable to meet in Dimaro at via Gole 412.
  • Once the paperwork is done, our MTB guides of the Center will provide you with the equipment necessary for this exciting adventure!
  • Before leaving, the guides will briefly explain the correct use of the e-bikes, how to ride and the safety rules in order to enjoy the tour in total safety!   Are you ready?... Off we go!
  • Upon returning at the Center in Dimaro, you can use the showers and changing rooms! 


  • Comfortable clothing, warm in spring. We recommend wearing different layers;
  • Comfortable trekking shoes with vibram sole or sneakers with gripping sole;
  • Backpack (bring a spare t-shirt and an extra layer);
  • Water bottle (most practical and eco-friendly container);
  • Spare clothes to change into, towel, slippers;


  • E-Bike;
  • Helmet;

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