Parco giochi

The playground in Caldes, in Val di Sole, is the ideal place for anyone looking for peace and relaxation by the river side and away from traffic and noise. The large and green area is provided with parking and offers free entry park and many open spaces, where kids can play under their parents’ surveillance!

The park is located inside Trentino Wild Village, Rafting Center & Outdoor, a large area where families can enjoy different activities! From rafting for families, to adventure park on trees, bike rent (normal bikes and e-bikes), paintball for kids and families, climbing and kayaking in the rio Novella canyon.

The playground in Caldes is located in Località Contre in Caldes in Val di Sole, on the west side of the beautiful Trentino region; it is easy to reach by car, via the Val di Sole cycle path and by train on the Trento-Malè line. It is the ideal place to spend a beautiful day with your family, bringing your own food from home or enjoying the fast food service of our Wild Bar! We have a high altitude river beach, different sports grounds (ask at our reception office) and services; for those who travel by camper we offer a rest area for campers, with electricity, loading and unloading service.

Caldes Location

The park in Caldes is ideal for families, also with young kids, as it is accessible for strollers and pushchairs. Families, even expectant women, everyone can enjoy a walk in the nature, bring a blanket and lie on the green grass, let your mind roam free and relax!

Activities for families