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Educational rafting project

Sailing the Noce torrent has never been safer and more fun, except with Trentino Wild!
Ideal activity for class groups, of every order and degree, through the navigation of the Noce stream in an easy and fun way. But not only that, also culture of the territory and approach to water, will be the protagonists of our descent. The river ecosystem, the flora and fauna, the characteristics of the landscape and the surrounding environment always have a lot to teach. In addition, living the fiumesu a rafting raft, sharing spaces, putting together the energies and team work helps the class group to live an exciting group adventure, to improve relationships and strengthen friendships!


deepen the river characteristics of the river and its active role in the conformation of the territory, dealing with concepts such as flow, tributaries, erosion, currents, river valleys vs. glacial valleys, land conformation, flora and fauna, water cycle and hazards due to its pollution.
discover the flora and fauna of the river: the plant species that live in aquatic environments and those typical of our river. The native fish fauna and the danger due to the introduction of species imported from other environments.
know the river and discover its link with the territory, deepening the river reclamation interventions and the consequences of these interventions on the city and agricultural territory.
Learning how the intervention of man in nature can be an added value for the protection of the environment and the protection of animal species, just to know how man can damage nature and the consequences that can derive from it.
experience the concept of teamwork and group work in the first person, allowing participants to discover that the activity carried out, following common and shared lines of action, is more effective than that which is based only on individualistic conduct. Indispensable in the river, its implications can be extended to all sports and team activities.


The activity involves the navigation of a safe and adequate stretch of river for children. It can be combined with other activities to go to create a package, which can ‘be structured in synergy between Trentino Wild and teachers in order to be consistent in content. For this reason we invite you to preliminary contacts to define together educational contents and organizational details.

proposals_didattiche_anno_scolastico_2015_2016_Trentino_Wild.pdf (application / pdf – 5.88 MB)
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Variazioni: In base alla portata del torrente, imbarchi e sbarchi potrebbero subire variazioni al fine di garantire la durata e la tipologia dell’attività scelta