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Schools and groups

Rafting for boys

Where asides from the descent are given some information on the flora, fauna, history of the river and above all safety in water and prevention. A fun descent with important purposes.

Mountainbike + visit to the bee museum.
A bike ride of about 12-15 km with a stop at the museum to discover the interesting life cycle of bees and honey.

Bad weather?
Ours is one of the biggest centers in Italy where it is possible to carry out many activities and even in bad weather it is possible to live great emotions and, importantly, the activities are guaranteed by having covered spaces to offer various services. For example:

the artificial climbing gym both boulder and rope;
* playground;
* paintball fields;
* lasertag;
* 2 soccer fields;
* 1 tennis and volleyball court;
* bar;
* restaurant;
* hotel adjacent to the center for those who need accommodation;
these are just some of the activities we offer and that TrentinoWILD offers.

All taken care of in the smallest details with professionals of the sector.


Località le Contre

Comune di Caldes

Val di Sole – Trentino

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