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Barbecue area

Grilled Time!
BBQ grill area:
Rafting and party at the TrentinoWILD center
Do you want to organize a barbecue after the rafting activity or one of the many activities with TrentinoWILD? But you do not know how to do it ??

TrentinoWILD takes care of everything, goes to get your meat the day of your arrival, in the butcher with good meat, there will be various types of meat.

We supply vegetables, oil vinegar, wood, tools for turning meat and cooking, dishes forks and everything you need to make a barbecue with friends in a simple and tasty.

At the center you will find your Grill BOX waiting for you, we have various grill areas surrounded by greenery with tables and fountain full of water, all within 20 meters from the bar.
You’ll just have to have fun, have your drink beer and eat with your friends.

When you book your business you can choose option + barbecue.

We will do all the rest.

Grill area bookable

TrentinoWILD has grid areas surrounded by greenery, away from the road.
We also have areas covered with tables where even in case of rain we can organize the barbecue.

There are various solutions, possibility of making the rafting descent in the morning and grilling at noon, or in the evening.
The grills are very large and you can cook for 100 people without problems.

In the ACTIVITIES section you can also find the various offers with hydrospeed + grill, grilled rafting and party. Highly recommended at Celibacy or Nubiliate farewell parties.

Contact the secretariat and book your business!


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