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About Us

Trentino Wild has been a reality in the Province of Trento and all Italy for many years, with a range of comprehensive activities and projects.  It has developed innovative ideas where culture and sport interweave in the outdoor world.  Born for the promotion of sport and the enhancement of the territory, having become a fixed national reality in the training world, it now offers services at the top professional level.


The Trentino WILD Village

The Trentino WILD Village in Caldes, Località “Le Contre” in the Val di Sole, today aims to become a meeting place for all sports lovers, sports professionals, families and all who live in the Val di Sole and neighbouring valleys.  The whole enhanced area aims to become a true village, both for tourists — an important economic factor for the valley  — and for the inhabitants of the Val di Sole, who are looking for new areas and occasions  to socialize and meet during the whole year.

In these years Trentino Wild has become the hub for organizing sports activities for tourists and locals, in its main headquarters in Val di Sole and branches in Trento, Rovereto, Romallo and Castello di Molina di Fiemme, with diversified activities in the outdoor and educational spheres. A healthy and youthful environment, which promotes sports, enhances the territory, training and awareness:  these are the main elements that characterize the organization and the constant work of those people that operate in it.  The company management has always aimed towards the improvement of the territory, and of its resources by involving in the project other structures of international importance such as the museums run by MUSE (Muse, the Caproni Museum) through a profitable partnership which has resulted in educational programmes for teachers, schools and territorial marketing all in strong synergy.

Trentino WILD owns and manages the branch of river and alluvial training known as “Rescue Project”.  Trentino Wild training is recognized throughout Italy for its professionalism and the high quality of its courses.  Thanks to these, Trentino Wild has become the “national rescue training centre”.  In this branch too, Trentino Wild has distinguished itself, working with young people and informing people of the issues of hydro-geological risks, of prevention and of respect for nature in general.

Professionals in safety and fun

Taking advantage of the collaboration of a circle of selected and competent professionals, Trentino Wild does not neglect the importance of being able to involve in its staff, new willing and motivated figures in a professional work path. The professional figures in the Trentino Wild Village are in fact involved: Rafting Guides, Hydrospeed Guides, Canoe Masters, Alpine Guides and Territory Accompanying, Mountain Bike Instructors, Nordic Walking Instructors as well as the staff linked to the management of the bar and accommodation structure .


Cristina Orsingher

Legal representative of Trentino Wild.  She takes care of the administrative side, elaboration of educational and training projects and consultancies; she has vast experience in the outdoor sector; is an experienced educator of young people, sociologist, social worker, educator in the sector of emergency psychology.

Vincenzo Minenna

Responsible for the operational sector, proven experience in the management of outdoor centres, proprietor of the “Rescue Project” branch (alluvial and river sector), instructor for rafting, canoeing, hydrospeed (riverboarding), as well as an instructor at international level for river rescue.


Località le Contre
Comune di Caldes

Val di Sole – Trentino

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