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School trips: where to go? what to choose? Information for schools

Which trip to do?
Where to lean?
What goals must a trip have?

Educational proposal
Deciding which trip to do for schools or for summer groups is not easy. There are many proposals that can be found on the internet and there are many activities.

But how to choose and what to choose?
Internet often rewards the most beautiful sites and even the user often tries to understand the quality of the product from the beauty of the site. Not always, however, it is so, indeed very often the little substance leads to having very beautiful and dynamic sites with super beautiful videos but the truth is not always accompanied by virtual truth.
Here is therefore that the advice we give you is this:
The activities for the boys can not be standard in fact, from the various age groups to the didactic paths made at school there will be a more suitable path.
The trip is not just entertainment nor just culture. Many times you see 13-year-old boys who go on a trip to visit the churches. Certainly it is an interesting trip but little remains for boys who at that age I want to live experiences to remember in life.
Before choosing the activity or the trip to do ask your real goal.
If you are looking for a fun, educational vacation, what purpose and purpose you want to try to achieve:
– sport
– autonomy
– special experiences that not all children can do with families
– general culture
– respect for peers and nature
and last point but according to us the most important:
– learn to save oneself from the lives of others and the culture of prevention.
Because there is no culture nor a valid training path if, as a first step, we do not have the goal of making people understand how important life is and how much the culture of safety makes the difference.

If you are looking for an educational path of this mold then you have to rely on specialized and competent personnel.
Ask for this:
1 that your path and the program is personalized. Each class has its own needs.
2 activities such as rafting or others are all the same if there is not a prevention and training aspect behind it
3 rafting, for example, must be a means to live experiences
4 educational project. For example, TrentinoWILD works as a training center and every young person who comes to us is informed and trained on water risks. The right behavior and the correct attention both in the case of floods and near water bodies. This is possible because the TrentinoWILD team deals with training and rescue in the water with the Rescue Project training school.
5 Adventure park live vertically in complete safety thanks to the continuous lifeline.
6 Hunt the treasure, looking for clues and tests to overcome. It will only come to an end if the whole group has worked together.

works in intervention such as floods with specialized civil protection teams.
This is very important because through the team’s experiences you can teach the correct prevention and self-safety behaviors to be maintained in hostile environments.
There is one of our experts who works at the TrentinoWILD Rafting and Outdoor Center which thanks to her 3 degrees in sociology, psychology manages to build ideal training paths for the kids, a mix of fun and culture that at the end of the trip the kids will have lived a unique experience that they will remember for life and have learned many things.
This is the goal of TrentinoWILD.
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