The course S.A.R. It is the only course in the world that combines different types of boats to offer rescuers the basic knowledge to deal with various emergency situations. A 4 day course was created by the RescueProject National Training School.

First day self-help and fast rescue with search for people and first aid for hostile environments.

Second day riding and paddle raft riding techniques. Third day rowing and motorized kataraft driving techniques

Fourth day drives to paddle oars and engine, with rescue maneuvers. The course is carried out by teachers who deal with training for rescue and emergency personnel, are Rescue Project instructors, rafting instructors with rowing specialization and engine of the Rescue Project school, recognized river and flood rescue school for the training of rescuers , thanks to its highly qualifying standards and its awards. At the end of the 4 days of the course participants will be in possession and aware of the various rescue techniques with boats with and without engines.

The course has a total duration of 4 days, for a total hours total of about 38

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