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River Rescue Project 1 rescuer course

Fluid and flood relief training is an extremely delicate type of training that requires qualified and competent personnel. In fact, teaching correct behaviors, standard procedures and a correct mental approach to the world of moving water, both fluvial and alluvial, requires high training and direct experience in the field. For these reasons, Trentino Wild, thanks to the collaboration with the Rescue Project school has become a guarantee of professionalism and competence, with its range of instructors who have a cross-curriculum and complete curriculum.

The proposed training is divided into dry “theoretical-practical” training phases, then out of the water, where the participants will always be an active part of the training path and practice phases in water.

The Rescue Project Rescue Project requires a commitment of 3 days of training for a total hours of about 30 hours, divided into 8-10 hours of theoretical-practical lessons and the remaining exercises in water.

This course is aimed at rescue personnel who need specific training, both theoretical and practical, in river and flood assistance. They are therefore the recipients of the course: the personnel of the rescue of the bodies of the State (VVF, Fluvial Police), the volunteers of the Civil Protection and Red Cross and all those organizations that deal with the emergency and emergency sector, rafting guides and aspiring guides, associations and groups that want greater security in the approach to the world of living water.

The acquisition of the BLS – D certification is recommended but not essential to be admitted to the course. The course requires discreet sailing skills and good physical conditions.

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