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From March 19th TrentinoWILD will open the summer season. Activities in Val di Sole with Trentino WILD
Activities in Val di Sole with Trentino WILD

There are many new things we want to share with all of you.
-Paintball adults and kids getting more fun and innovative with new game modes and new obstacles await you.
-Rafting as always you will navigate the most beautiful rapids of the river Noce in Val di Sole. The best quality at the best price and professionalism.
– After having become the first center in Italy to have obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, we have also become the first center in Italy to be accredited for training.

Thanks also to the National School of Rescue Project Training this year courses will be held under the hat of the law 81. Click here for our credentials

– New synthetic field for five other mini-soccer improvement everyone can come and visit us and play in a new field of soccer with synthetic grass.
– MTB and bike rental by question or more than 100 bikes are waiting for you to take advantage of the cycle path and the various proposals that TrentinoWILD offers as mountain bike tours.
– Climbing gym, new routes traced new lines of boulder and rope routes await you.
– RV area with new loads and discharges
– Bar and food – we have become a BiciGrill for the province where you can find typical products to eat sandwiches and much more and only here you will find the products Oil, pasta and energy bars for the athletes of CMP food.

Since 2018 the CMP company has become an official sponsor of TrentinoWILd for clothing.

CMP the leading company with the highest number of sales and garments in Italy will be the partner of our outdoor village.

In addition to clothing and discounts on clothing, you will also find the food line. Foods and drinks designed for athletes.

Adventure park in Val di Sole TrentinoWILD with more than 46 routes.
Designed for children ages 4 and up.
For all ages you will find routes from 2 m in height up to 10 meters and the incredible 200-meter ZIP-LINE

Green Route 1
8 stations for young children where parents can watch and accompany them step by step. One of our instructors will always be available to give support and make them live emotions without ever feeling alone.

Green 2
Another route of 12 stations awaits the little ones between games on the trees and much more.
Green 1 and Green 2 can be integrated.

Blue Route
11 stations + 2 zip lines for those who want to get closer to the world of suspended emotions. Here the fun is guaranteed as well as guaranteed the final with a bang: 2 zip lines about 220 meters long. You will fly from our center to the paintball field and then back. An exciting and unique flight, one of the longest in Trentino.

Red Path
15 stations + 2 zip lines that can also be integrated with blue and green routes. A unique adventure awaits you with zip lines and innovative and fun games. An adventure for everyone, even for the biggest ones suspended at an altitude of 8 meters, you will have to face the famous tarzan jump the flying canoe and much more …

In our park you will always be followed will be present the necessary staff who will follow you and help you. But the big news is the CONTINUOUS LIFE LINE or an innovative system of the KONG company that allows the development of the routes in complete safety. Years ago, it was forced to continuously attack and detach the via ferrata carabiners. Now with this system you do not need any more and therefore you always remain attached with only the obligation to have fun and live adventures with TrentinoWILD.

As always, our village offers 100% safe activities and we want to give you the best from a professional and technical point of view.

The best activities at the best price and quality
Other information is about prices and activities, new packages and new proposals for families and groups. Farewell to Celibacy, Hen and for children under 10 years of age. All this and much more can be found at TrentinoWILD. The largest outdoor village in Italy. You can consult the new website