Paintball in Val di Sole

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Paintball in Val di Sole

TrentinoWILD, after the lasertag, after the archerytag now also the Paintball. The first field in Trentino.
One of the largest fields in Italy among bunkers trees and wooden houses. A new field renovated from scratch. A very fun field.
In this field it is possible to play with groups of 40 people at the same time. 25 rifles, + 15 arches.

But a nice novelty is also paintball for boys. Rifles with a different pressure that allows you to play even boys.

CHOOSE THE ORIGINAL Be wary of imitations

What you need to wear: a pair of sneakers, we recommend a long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt.

The TrentinoWILD center will give you all the protections from the mask the bodice the para-neck. Guaranteed fun

The best camp at the best price. If you decide to do activities like hydrospeed rafting or other activities you will be entitled to a further discount. See the activities by clicking here.

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