Archery Tag & Rafting


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Archery Tag & Rafting

Archery Tag & Rafting

ROBIN HOOD with rafting and arrows but before that, extra exciting rafting…!!

Archery Tag Bachelor Party

Rafting and then a game of Archery Tag.

After the first outdoor field for Laser games in Italy, in the Trentino and in Val di Sole, Trentino Wild introduces another novelty.  Archery Tag, an incredible adventure, and so enjoyable.

For a goodbye to your single state, something different and enjoyable.  Rafting and then Archery Tag.

An experience to remember for the rest of your life.

On request, to celebrate with the groom, you can use “real” arrows, for all the others we use special arrows than cushion the blow.  Absolutely no danger involved.  You will wear a mask and use a bow with limited strength.  100% safe.

30 minutes of assured enjoyment with Archer Tag.


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Per chi

Everyone,  from adults to children, with padded arrows



Choice of Rafting + Archer Tag 30 minutes at €10. €10 for 30 minutes


Sito by Francesco Zambotti -